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How to increase webinar ROI with Xoxoday Rewards and HubSpot

Episode Summary

Parth Ruparelia and Tracy Graziani share the real story of how Tracy increased her webinar ROI in a “zoom weary” world, using Xoxoday Rewards integrated with HubSpot

Episode Notes

Tracy Graziani, “Geek Executive Officer” at Graziani Multimedia, has had great success with webinars, for her own business and for her clients. But in a Zoom-weary post-pandemic world - a new approach was required, to engage prospects, encourage them to attend online events and to stay engaged.

Xoxoday provides an innovative way to add the gifting of rewards to prospects and customers, integrated with HubSpot.

Parth Ruparelia, Product Partnerships leader from Xoxoday worked with Tracy to help use Xoxoday Rewards in innovative ways to increase webinar ROI.

Together we explore the current challenges of engaging customers across the HubSpot Flywheel, to attract engage and delight.

Tracy has a real story to share, of how she used Xoxoday to attract, engage and delight her customers, using Xoxoday gifting before, during and after the event.

A wonderful takeaway from this example is that the budget which normally would have been consumed by pay-per-click ads, instead is passed to customers through gifted rewards.

I hope you enjoy our group discussion.

Episode Highlights:

  1. 04:39 - Parth: The challenge of reaching B2B customers today
  2. 07:06 - Tracy: Webinars worked before the pandemic. What works now?
  3. 09:30 - Tracy: Why you can’t call it a webinar anymore. Reframe it.
  4. 11:15 - Tracy: How we used gifting to solve attendee no-shows & drop-off
  5. 11:26 - Tracy: “I look at the data”. We saw drop-off during webinars
  6. 11:55 - Tracy: “You need people to stay to the end” so we gamified it.
  7. 13:02 - Tracy “we sent them a xoxoday gift card. Law of reciprocity”
  8. 15:33 - Parth: How to use gifting at multiple stages of the inbound flywheel.
  9. 20:00 - Tracy: Why it matters to give people a choice, including local & charities.
  10. 21:54 - Tracy: How we phrased the gift choices
  11. 22:43 - Tracy: How we timed gifting during the workshop
  12. 24:18 - Tracy: ROI is pretty impressive. Our budget went to customers, not Ads.
  13. 24:22 - Tracy: “We did not run any paid ads promoting this particular event”
  14. 25:57 - Tracy: Anyone running ads right now, costs are almost double
  15. 26:56 - Tracy: The value of partnering with another business.
  16. 29:00 - Parth: Valuable tips for gifting rewards across the flywheel.

About Xoxoday

Xoxoday is a leading vendor that adds to HubSpot the capability of offering rewards as gifts to prospects and customers.

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About Graziani Multimedia

Graziani Multimedia is a HubSpot agency specializing in Revenue Operations for Sustainable Companies and Funded Startups.

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