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Episode Summary

Kixie’s Head of Sales David Gable shares insightful examples of how he creates revenue machines by automating to improve (not remove) the human experience.

Episode Notes

David Gable, Kixie Head of Sales, brings high energy to the HubDo Podcast. Sharing insightful examples of how companies (especially tech companies) are thinking about automation the wrong way.

No company or customer wants to dehumanize the human experience, which is often the first thing we think of when it comes to automation. We may appreciate the convenience of an ATM machine yet be completely frustrated talking with an automated chatbot.

David explains how he regularly joins meetings where companies want to improve revenues and efficiencies through automation but are thinking about it the wrong way.

When automation takes care of busy work, so that people can have more human time and respond faster, relationships improve and higher revenue is earned with greater efficiency.

There are plenty of great ideas from David in this session, to think differently about how companies like Kixie are delivering automation that enriches human interactions at scale.

Episode Highlights:

  1. 4:04 Kixie suits three main buckets:
  2. 8:09 “people often spend half their time entering data”
  3. 9:06 Tech companies want a more human-to-human experience and so shy away from automation. But automating busy work creates more human time.
  4. 11:30 Example: Helped HubSpot close one of their largest customers (Mortgage Company) transforming from disconnected sequences to proactively responding.
  5. 14:12 What Kixie adds to HubSpot. API, Webhooks, easy & open
  6. 16:21 What Kixie added to the earlier win as a responsive system
  7. 18:24 Examples for Service Desk: Automate the responsiveness
  8. 20:26 Sales use cases, how to literally 10x outbound calls
  9. 22:05 Top tips: Use HubSpot and talk with Kixie

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